HCL Workload Automation on Amazon Web Services

Configuring your environment for Informix

About this task

Perform the following steps to configure your environment for Informix:
  1. Login as root to the workstation where you want to configure Informix. Supported workstations are:
    • master domain manager
    • backup domain manager
  2. Browse to /images/Infrastructure/Utilities/Informix.
  3. Run the wa_configureInformix command. For more information, see wa_configureInformix command.


The HCL Workload Automation on AWS instance is now up and running and no further configuration is required.

With the Informix database, you have the following limitations:
  • You cannot use Informix database as your Dynamic Workload Console settings repository. User settings like user preferences, saved tasks and engine connections are stored in the default settings repository, which is a local file. See Managing user settings and repositories in the Dynamic Workload Console User's Guide.
  • You cannot generate and retrieve HCL Workload Automation reports from the Informix database.
  • When upgrading a master domain manager connected to the Informix database, you must update the database tables manually before upgrading the product. See Creating or upgrading the database schema if you are using Informix Dynamic Server in the Planning and Installation Guide.

What to do next

To start scheduling, run JnextPlan and raise the limit on all workstations. As a result, a new plan is generated by the FINAL job stream and the scheduling process starts.