HCL Workload Automation on Amazon Web Services

Creating a custom AMI

About this task

You might want to create a custom AMI starting from the AMI provided by HCL Workload Automation on AWS, for example to add specific software products or configurations.

To obtain a custom AMI, it is necessary to prevent the automatic configuration process which is launched at the AMI first boot.

Perform the following steps to create a custom AMI:


  1. Starting from the original AMI, launch a new instance.
  2. When the Configure Instance Details page is displayed, type skipreconfig=true in the User Data field. This instruction prevents the automatic configuration process from launching.
  3. Add custom software products, as necessary.
  4. Before you create the new custom AMI, remove the skipreconfig=true instruction. This ensures the automatic configuration process is launched at the AMI first boot.

What to do next

Your custom AMI is now ready for deployment.