HCL Workload Automation on Amazon Web Services

Uninstalling an agent on UNIX and Linux operating systems

Instructions to uninstall an agent on UNIX and Linux operating systems.

About this task

To uninstall the agent, complete the following steps. For operating system commands, see Command reference.


  1. Ensure that you have at least 100 MB of temporary space before starting the uninstallation process.
  2. Use the same login that was used to install the agent. If the installer did not login as root, use the value of the InstallationLoginUser parameter in the JobManager.ini configuration file in the agent. This value is the login used to install the agent.
  3. Change your directory to /installation_dir/WA/TWS. If you installed the agent in the default directory, change to the directory /opt/HCL/WA_user_name/TWS.
  4. From the directory where you installed the product, run the following command:
    To stop the agent: ./ShutDownLwa
    To uninstall the agent: ./installWAAgent.sh -uninst [-uname <username>]
    Where: <username> is the name of the user for which the agent was installed. If you are logged in as a non-root user, you can omit this keyword, since username equals the login name.
    If the uninstallation did not complete successfully, analyze the errors displayed on the video, correct them as described in the operator response, and rerun the uninstallation.


The agent is uninstalled and a successful completion message is displayed on the screen. If the uninstallation process did not complete successfully, an error is displayed on the screen. Correct the error as described in the Operator Response error that you can find in the inst_dir/logs file, and rerun the installation.