HCL Workload Automation on Amazon Web Services

Updating an agent on IBM i operating systems

This scenario describes the procedure to update an agent on IBM i operating systems.

To update the agent, complete the following steps:
  1. From the Dynamic Workload Console landing page, in the Download and Install section, download the agent installation files for the selected operating system platform.
  2. Go to the directory where you saved the compressed agent update files, in this example /WAAgent.
  3. Extract the agent update files available in TWS94_IBM_I_AGENT.zip to the /WAAgent directory.
  4. On the computer on which you want to update the product, sign on as the QSECOFR user.
  5. Use the PASE shell or the AIXterm command to extract the package:
    Using PASE shell:
    1. Open the PASE shell.
    2. Run the command "CALL QP2TERM".
    3. Locate the folder where you downloaded the agent installation files and run the command:
      "unzip TWS94_IBM_I_AGENT.zip"
    4. Exit from the PASE shell.
    Using AIXterm command:
    1. Start the Xserver on your desktop.
    2. On the iSeries machine, open a QSH shell and export the display.
    3. In QSH shell, go to the directory /QopenSys and run the command "aixterm -sb".
    4. A pop-up window is displayed on your desktop. By Using this pop-up window, unzip the TWS94_IBM_I_AGENT.zip file.
  6. To update the agent using the default settings, run the following command from the directory where you downloaded the agent update files:
    ./installWAAgent.sh -update [-uname user_name] -acceptlicense yes
    Updates the agent on the workstation where you run the command.
    -uname user_name
    The user name of the agent, defined at installation time. This is the same value as the login name.
    -acceptlicense yes|no
    Specify whether or not to accept the License Agreement. If you specify no, the update exits without performing any action.

After a successful update, proceed with the update of another agent if necessary.

If the update did not complete successfully, an error is displayed on the screen. Correct the error as described in the Operator Response error that you can find in the inst_dir/logs file, and rerun the update.