HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Scheduling and submitting job streams for IBM Cognos reports

You schedule HCL Workload Automation jobs for IBM Cognos reports by defining them in job streams.

See Scheduling and submitting jobs and job streams for information about how to schedule and submit jobs and job streams using the various interfaces.

After you define an HCL Workload Automation job for an IBM Cognos report, add it to a job stream with all the necessary scheduling arguments and submit it. After submission, when the job is running (EXEC status), you can kill the HCL Workload Automation job that runs the IBM Cognos report if necessary. In particular, for IBM Cognos jobs this action is converted into a Cancel action for the IBM Cognos report.

The agent might become unavailable while the HCL Workload Automation job running the IBM Cognos report is running. When the agent becomes available again, HCL Workload Automation starts to monitor the report from where it stopped.

For information about monitoring jobs and job streams, see Monitoring HCL Workload Automation jobs.

For information about analyzing the job log, see Analyzing the job log.