HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining SAP jobs dynamically

This section describes how to create and submit SAP jobs dynamically without creating or referencing predefined job templates.

When you launch a job created as described in Creating SAP Standard R/3 jobs from the Dynamic Workload Console and Task string to define SAP jobs, HCL Workload Automation makes a copy of the predefined job (also known as a template job) and runs the copy. If you want to run the job on several SAP systems, you must manually create the template job on each system.

To create and submit SAP jobs dynamically, without creating or referencing predefined job templates, submit:
  • In the SAP system, a job that does not reference an existing template in the SAP R/3 database.
  • A job that references a predefined job template stored in the SAP R/3 database for which you want to change a parameter.

To take full advantage of this feature, make sure that you have XBP version 2.0 or later installed, because earlier versions of XBP do not support the full set of print and archive parameters, or provide a way to set the job class or the spool list recipient.