HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Creating event rules based on IDocs

About this task

To define event rules based on IDocs, specify the fields to be used as matching criteria during IDoc monitoring. For details about these fields, refer to Events matching criteria. To create the event rules, you can use either of the following:
The composer command line
You edit the rules with an XML editor of your choice. For a general explanation about how to use the composer to define event rules, see the HCL Workload Automation: User's Guide and Reference. The event condition requires:
  • SAPMonitor as event monitor provider.
  • IDOCEventGenerated as event type.
For a list of the values that you can specify in the attributeFilter name when defining the event condition, refer to Table 3.
The Dynamic Workload Console

For information about creating an event rule, see Creating an event rule.

For more details about the properties used to define the IDoc event rule, see the following table available only in html format in the online information center: Event Raised.
  1. To be able to define and monitor event rules, ensure that you configured your environment as described in Configuring SAP event monitoring.
  2. To configure how HCL Workload Automation retrieves the IDoc monitors, set idoc_no_history and idoc_shallow_result in the options file. For details about these options, refer to Defining the common options.