HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining the workstation with ISPF

About this task

This section shows the ISPF definition for extended agents and agents with z-centric capability.
Extended agents

In ISPF, define the workstation as computer automatic and then set the FT Work station field to Y. The CPUREC statement with the three keywords described in Creating the CPUREC statement for extended agents provides the extended agent specification.

Note: Make sure you write the CPUREC statement before making the ISPF or Dynamic Workload Console definition, because they have no effect without the CPUREC statement.
Figure 1. Defining an Extended Agent workstation
 Command ===>                                                                   
 Enter the command R for resources  A for availability or M for access method   
 above, or enter data below:                                                    
 WORK STATION NAME   ===> R3XA                                                  
 DESCRIPTION         ===> Extended agent for R/3 access method____________________                      
 WORK STATION TYPE   ===> C         G  General, C  Computer, P  Printer         
 REPORTING ATTR      ===> A         A  Automatic, S  Manual start and completion
                                    C  Completion only, N  Non reporting        
 FT Work station     ===> Y         FT Work station, Y or N                     
 PRINTOUT ROUTING    ===> SYSPRINT  The ddname of daily plan printout data set  
 SERVER USAGE        ===> N         Parallel server usage C , P , B or N        
  SPLITTABLE         ===> N         Interruption of operation allowed, Y or N   
  JOB SETUP          ===> N         Editing of JCL allowed, Y or N              
  STARTED TASK, STC  ===> N         Started task support, Y or N                
  WTO                ===> N         Automatic WTO, Y or N                       
  DESTINATION        ===> ________  Name of destination                         
  TRANSPORT TIME     ===> 00.00     Time from previous work station  HH.MM      
  DURATION           ===> ________  Duration for a normal operation  HH.MM.SS   
IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS agents
For detailed information and examples about the ISPF definition of IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS agents with z-centric capabilities, see Scheduling End-to-end with z-centric capabilities.