HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring the ITWS_PSXA PeopleSoft project

About this task

The configuration steps described in this section are necessary to enable HCL Workload Automation to schedule PeopleSoft jobs that have in-line variables in their definitions.

The ITWS_PROCESSREQUEST component interface works around some limitations of the PeopleSoft APIs when invoked from a batch environment. Because of these limitations, HCL Workload Automation cannot schedule jobs defined with in-line bind variables. With current PeopleSoft APIs, data that is stored in the PeopleSoft database and referred to by a runcontrol ID parameter that is used to retrieve a runcontrol data record, needs to be loaded into the Component Buffer before scheduling the API invocation. This cannot be done from a batch environment. Therefore, when invoking the PeopleSoft scheduling APIs from a batch interface, the data related to the runcontrol ID is not available for the submission of a job, even though it is available in the database. When unresolved data is present in the submitted job, the PeopleSoft system refuses submission and ends with an error.

The ITWS_PROCESSREQUEST component interface enables HCL Workload Automation to schedule PeopleSoft jobs that have in-line variables in their definitions. By invoking this component interface, the access method provides the ability to use data stored in the PeopleSoft database to resolve in-line variable values by taking data from the database and substituting it with variable definitions. It then allows job submission regardless of the use of in-line variable definitions in the jobs. The variable substitution mechanism does not support work records, so if the PeopleSoft process uses work records in its parameter list, you find a message similar to the following in the HCL Workload Automation joblog:
Error Position:  21
Return:  942 - ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
select nvsdlist from PS_NVS_WRK WHERE BUSINESS_UNIT = :1 AND REPORT_ID = :2
Original Statement:
To identify work records, use the following PeopleSoft naming conventions:
  • A derived work record name ends with '_WRK'.
  • A work record definition name for Structured Query Report reports starts with R_

When you use HCL Workload Automation to submit a process that has in-line bind variables, the name of the process type in the PeopleSoft GUI becomes ITWS_process type. For example, SQR Process becomes ITWS_SQR Process.

To schedule a job that contains in-line variables in its definition you must perform the following tasks: