HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Business scenario

You manage your Internet sales through an application software that verifies that data is correct, checks the availability of the item, and validates the order. To process all the orders received, you scheduled an HCL Workload Automation job to run every 12 hours, connect to SAP, and generate a child job for every order to process. Child jobs are in charge of creating shipping bills, checking destination address, and forwarding the orders to the appropriate carrier, thus optimizing the delivery process. A potential overload of the system might occur during peak times, for example over Christmas, and could risk the late delivery of orders, damaging your business. To manage the submission of jobs and activate an advanced management of their priority class (for both parent and child jobs), enable the job throttling feature.

Additionally, you might want to set a policy so that an SAP CCMS alert is raised each time the number of jobs to be released under the control of the job throttler exceeds a certain threshold. To do this, you enable the job throttler to send data to the SAP CCMS monitoring architecture. At job throttler startup, an MTE that monitors the number of jobs to be released by the job throttler is created. By including the MTE in a monitoring set and specifying the related threshold, you are alerted each time the threshold is exceeded.