HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Print parameter and job class issues

The workstation running the r3batch access method for SAP R/3 uses the official RFC interfaces of SAP R/3 for job scheduling. When you migrate from previous versions of SAP R/3, there can be problems with print parameters in jobs launched by HCL Workload Automation. This is because of limitations in the RFC interfaces.

These limitations are no longer true with XBP 2.0 and later.

The following is a list of print parameters supported by BAPI XBP 1.0 for SAP R/3 release 4.6x and later:
  • archiving mode
  • authorization
  • columns
  • delete after output
  • lines
  • number of copies
  • output device
  • print immediately
  • recipient
  • sap cover page
  • selection cover page
  • spool retention period

To resolve the loss of print parameters when copying a job, install the appropriate SAP R/3 Support Package as stated in the SAP R/3 notes 399449 and 430087.

The same applies to the job class. Official SAP R/3 interfaces only allow class C jobs. Installing the SAP R/3 Support Package also resolves this issue.