HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Connecting to more than one PeopleSoft application server

It might be necessary for the psagent method to connect to more than one PeopleSoft application server. For example, a single installation of PeopleSoft might have a TEST, DEMO, and PRODUCTION environment, each with a separate application server. This requires that the psagent method uses a separate connect string for each application server.

To support this, you can set up multiple PeopleSoft extended agent workstations that connect to the same method but use different options files. When a workstation starts the method, it first looks for the options file with extended agent workstation name prepended to psagent.opts. For example, a PeopleSoft extended agent named ps847system would have the following options file:

The psagent method searches first for an options file with the extended agent workstation name, and then for the default psagent.opts file. This allows the user to set up an extended agent for each PeopleSoft application server.

To connect to only one application server, use the default name for the options file, psagent.opts.

Note: In case you specify some connection properties in your local option files, make sure that the same properties are commented out in your global option file, with the exception of the global property LJuser. This action is needed to avoid that warning messages related to duplicate properties are displayed in the job log.