HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Creating the HCL Workload Automation RFC user

About this task

For HCL Workload Automation to communicate with SAP R/3, you must create a user ID in SAP R/3 for HCL Workload Automation batch processing. For security reasons, use a new user ID rather than an existing one.

  1. Create a new RFC user ID.
  2. Give this new RFC user ID the following attributes:
    • A user type of CPIC, Communications, or DIALOG, depending on the SAP R/3 release.
    • A password at least six characters in length. HCL Workload Automation requires this password to start or monitor SAP R/3 jobs. If this password changes in SAP R/3, you must update the options file used by r3batch with the new password.
    • The appropriate security profiles, depending on your version of SAP R/3.