HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Setting the SAP data connection

You can configure a default connection to be used when performing actions that access the remote SAP system.

About this task

There are several operations you can perform which require connection details to establish a link to a remote SAP system. The connection is made through an HCL Workload Automation workstation with the r3batch access method installed used to communicate with the SAP system. Each workstation can have one or more options files that can be used to customize the behavior of the r3batch access method, except for extended agent workstations, where only one options file can be defined and therefore a selection is not required.

For example, you can use Workload Designer to create HCL Workload Automation job definitions that reference remote SAP jobs, or you can create a SAP job on a remote SAP system. You can also search for SAP jobs on the remote system from the Working List and Quick Open panes.

Workload Designer enables you to configure a default connection that is automatically referenced when performing these types of operations. You can change the default configuration at any time, or you can overwrite the default configuration when performing these operations.

To configure a default SAP data connection to be used when creating objects with Workload Design that require a SAP connection, perform the following steps:


  1. In the Workload Designer window, click SAP data connection icon on toolbar from the toolbar of the Details view.
  2. In Workstation, enter the name of the workstation that communicates with the SAP system or use the pick tool to search for and select one.
  3. In Options file, enter the options file to be used or use the pick tool to search for options files that reside on the specified workstation and select one.
  4. Click OK.


A default SAP connection is now configured. It will be used each time an object that requires access to a SAP system is defined.