HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Editing a standard SAP job

Before you begin

You can edit SAP Standard R/3 jobs in two different ways in HCL Workload Automation.
  • The Dynamic Workload Console contains the Manage Jobs on SAP entry in the portfolio for creating and editing SAP Standard R/3 jobs on remote SAP systems.
  • The Workload Designerwindow in the Dynamic Workload Console allows you to create and edit remote SAP jobs. See Creating SAP Standard R/3 jobs from the Dynamic Workload Console.

About this task

To edit a SAP standard R/3 job, follow these steps:


  1. Click Administration > Workload Design > Manage Jobs on SAP.
  2. Select the name of the engine connection from which you want to work with SAP jobs.
  3. Leave the default setting in the SAP Job Type section to Standard R/3 Job.
  4. In Workstation name, type the name of the workstation where the SAP job runs. This is the workstation with the r3batch access method that communicates with the remote SAP system. If you do not know the name of the workstation, click (...) browse to enter your filter criteria and click Search. If you enter a string representing part of the workstation name, it must be followed by the asterisk (*) wildcard character. Both the question mark (?) and asterisk (*) are supported as wildcards. You can also simply use the asterisk wildcard character (*) to display all workstations. Optionally, specify any of the other search criteria available and click Search. From the results displayed, select the workstation and click OK.
  5. In Options file, specify an options file that resides on the specified workstation. Each workstation can have one or more options files that can be used to customize the behavior of the r3batch access method, except for extended agent workstations, where only one options file can exist and therefore does not need to be specified. For the workstation specified, enter the file name of the options file or click the browse (...) button to search for options files that reside on the specified workstation and select one.
  6. Click Display. The list of available jobs on the remote SAP system for the specified engine is displayed.
  7. Select the job you want to modify in the list and click Edit. The List Jobs on SAP panel is displayed.
  8. Edit the properties on the R/3 Job Definition and R/3 Steps pages as appropriate. Refer to the contextual online help available for more detailed information about the UI elements available on each page.
    • On the R/3 Job Definition page, when you modify the Job Class, Target Host, or Server Group and click OK, the Job ID is maintained and remains synchronized with the one associated to the current job. Instead, when you modify the Job Name and click OK, the Job ID is automatically replaced with the one associated to the new job name.
    • On the R/3 Steps page, for each step you modify, the new step information is saved in the SAP database. For each step you add or delete, the Job ID is maintained and remains synchronized with the one associated to the modified step.
  9. Click OK to save your changes.