HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining HCL Workload Automation jobs to run SAP PI Channel jobs by using the Dynamic Workload Console

You can define jobs by using the Dynamic Workload Console when you are working in either a distributed environment or in a z/OS environment.

About this task

See Defining a job for information about creating job definitions using other supported product interfaces. To define a job that runs an SAP PI Channel job by using the Dynamic Workload Console, perform the following procedure.


  1. In the console navigation tree, expand Administration > Workload Design and click Manage Workload Definitions
  2. Specify an engine name, either distributed or z/OS. The Workload Designer opens.
  3. In the Working List panel, select the SAP PI Channel job definition.
    z/OS Environment
    New > ERP > SAP PI Channel
    Distributed Environment
    New > Job Definition > ERP > SAP PI Channel
    The properties of the job are displayed in the right-hand panel for editing.
  4. In the properties panel, specify the attributes for the job definition you are creating. You can find detailed information about all the attributes in the contextual help available on each panel.
  5. Click Save to save the job definition in the database.

What to do next

You can now proceed to adding the job to a job stream and submitting it to run.