HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring the SAP R/3 access method

This section provides detailed information about the SAP options file creation.

The files for the SAP access method are located in TWS_home/methods. If r3batch finds the local configuration file for an extended agent or dynamic agent, it ignores the duplicate information contained in r3batch.opts. If instead it does not find a local configuration file then it will use r3batch.opts global options file.

To successfully use the SAP R/3 access method, you must first install the SAP RFC libraries, as described in the System Requirements document at https://workloadautomation.hcldoc.com/help/topic/com.hcl.wa.doc_9.4/distrDDguides.html.

Dynamic agents
A common configuration file for the r3batch access method, whose settings affect all the r3batch instances. It functions as a “global” configuration file.
One or more configuration files that are specific to each dynamic agent workstation within a particular installation of a r3batch access method. The DYNAMIC_AGENT_FILE_r3batch.opts is the name of the options file, where DYNAMIC_AGENT is not necessarily the name of the dynamic agent workstation, because the dynamic agent can have more than one.opts file associated. If you do not create a local options file, the global options file is used. Every dynamic agent workstation must have one or more local options file with its own configuration options.
Note: The value for DYNAMIC_AGENT must be written in uppercase alphanumeric characters. Double-byte character set (DBCS), Single-byte character set (SBCS), and Bidirectional text are not supported.
Note: If you have a pool or dynamic pool containing n agents, you must create an options file for the dynamic pool and copy it in the TWA_DIR/TWS/methods of each agent of the pool so that all members of the pool have a local options file with the same name. Then you must create another options file for the specific agent in the same directory.
For example, if the SAP R/3 access method is installed for AGENT1 and AGENT2 that belong to the dynamic pool DYN_POOL, you need to create the following options files in the path TWA_DIR/TWS/methods on each agent:
  • FILE_AGENT1_r3batch.opts
  • FILE_DYN_POOL_r3batch.opts
  • FILE_AGENT2_r3batch.opts
  • FILE_DYN_POOL_r3batch.opts

On dynamic workstations, you can create a new options file or edit an existing options files from an Option Editor, a graphical user interface panel available on the General tab of the SAP job definition panels in the Dynamic Workload Console.

Extended agents
A common configuration file for the r3batch access method, whose settings affect all the r3batch instances. It functions as a “global” configuration file.
A configuration file that is specific to each HCL Workload Automation extended agent workstation that uses the r3batch access method. Its options affect only the r3batch instance that is used by that particular workstation. It functions as a “local” configuration file.
Note: XANAME is the name of the extended agent workstation and must be written in uppercase characters.
For example, to define two extended agents named wkst1 and wkst2 that access two SAP systems, SAP1 and SAP2, with the r3batch access method, you must define the following three configuration files:
  • Global r3batch.opts
  • Local file WKST1_r3batch.opts
  • Local file WKST2_r3batch.opts