HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Balancing SAP workload using server groups

SAP jobs run on application servers that host work processes of type batch. Critical batch jobs are run in specific time frames, on specific application servers. With SAP Basis version 6.10 and later, application servers can be assigned to server groups. With HCL Workload Automation you can assign a server group to a job. In this way, when a job is launched, the SAP system runs it on an application server that belongs to that group, balancing the workload among the various application servers in the group.

If the application servers defined in a group are modified in the SAP system, the job defined as belonging to that server group is not affected and does not need to be modified. The batch execution targets are reorganized in the SAP system without having to change job definitions in HCL Workload Automation.

This function is supported with the following versions of SAP:
  • SAP Basis 6.10, with Service Pack 40
  • SAP Basis 6.20, with Service Pack 41
  • SAP Basis 6.40, with Service Pack 04
  • SAP Basis 7.00, and later