HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Using template files

About this task

A template is a file with extension .jdf located in the same directory as the interception criteria file (TWS_home/methods/r3batch_icp). The template file contains instructions for the interception collector about how to run the intercepted SAP R/3 job under control of HCL Workload Automation. Its syntax corresponds to the syntax of docommand in conman. You can use any text editor to maintain this file. Ensure that the user, LJUser, is able to read and write to this file.

If the user template file is empty, a template file named default.jdf is used. If default.jdf does not exist, the following instructions are used:

This means that the intercepted SAP R/3 jobs are to be restarted immediately, because of the absence of the at= job option. Their HCL Workload Automation names are composed of the string SAP_, the current run number of the interception collector, and the name and ID of the SAP R/3 job.

The instruction set for restarting an intercepted SAP R/3 job is retrieved in the following order:
  1. From the template file, if an existing template is specified in the interception criteria file.
  2. From the default template file, if the template is specified in the interception criteria file but does not exist, or if the template is not specified in the interception criteria file.
  3. From the default instruction set, if the default template file does not exist.