HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Checking for files on z/OS

The existence of a file can be used as a job dependency in HCL Workload Automation. To check for the existence of a file on z/OS, HCL Workload Automation passes the file name to the Gateway. The file name is allocated with DISP=OLD, and is considered to exist if the following conditions apply:
  • The data is cataloged
  • It is allocated
  • It is not being used by another task
If the data set does not exist, HCL Workload Automation continues to wait and check for the file at a frequency determined by the bm check file option in the localopts file of the fault-tolerant workstation that is hosting the extended agent. The localopts options are described in the Planning and Installation Guide.
Note: HCL Workload Automation can only use fully qualified data set names for non-partitioned files. If a Generation Data Group name is to be used, it must be the fully qualified name and not a relative name (for example, xxxxx.xxxxx(-1) cannot be used).