HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Diagnostic information

z/OS jobs submitted by HCL Workload Automation can fail to complete for a number of reasons. The step in the submission process in which a job fails determines how much information is available and is provided by HCL Workload Automation as follows:
  • If a job fails before it is actually initiated (usually the result of a JCL or security problem), HCL Workload Automation recognizes that it no longer exists, and marks it as abend in the conman command line displays. No further information is provided.
  • If a job fails after being started, HCL Workload Automation:
    1. Obtains its condition code and user abend code, if any
    2. Writes them to the job standard list file
    3. Marks the job as abend in the conman command line or Dynamic Workload Console displays

    Job standard lists can be displayed with the conman command line and with the Dynamic Workload Console.