HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


About this task

Follow these steps:


  1. Customize and start the EEWSPACE procedure (following the commented instructions it contains) to start the extended agent Gateway Data Space. The job must be a started task and must not be canceled. See SYSTSIN variables for a description of the parameter settings. EEWSPACE creates the Data Space and installs the IEFU84 exit. To stop the job, use the STOP EEWSPACEcommand from any z/OS console.
    1. EEWSPACE must be active before EEWSERVE is started.
    2. To shut down, stop EEWSERVE before stopping EEWSPACE.
  2. Customize and start the EEWSERVE procedure by following the commented instructions it contains. For a description of the parameter settings, see SYSTSIN variables.
  3. To stop the job, use the STOP EEWSERVE command from any z/OS console.