HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Enhancing your workload

The Application Lab combines business efficiency with an easy-to-use interface that simplifies complicated workload automation concepts.

However, if your workload becomes more complex and you require more flexibility and control, you can seamlessly move your workload to the Dynamic Workload Console, a fast, powerful, and user-friendly interface of operational control for your entire HCL Workload Automation scheduling environment. With the Dynamic Workload Console, you can define, edit, and monitor your automated workflow. The Dynamic Workload Console processes are named job streams and the steps are named jobs.

Use the Dynamic Workload Console to get the following advantages:
Parallel flows
Jobs belonging to a job stream can run in parallel mode. You can use conditions or dependencies between jobs to build your workflow.
When a job is defined, its options are saved in a job definition that can be re-used across different flows.
For each job in a job stream, you can set several dependencies and conditions. For example, you can set complex conditions such as triggering jobs to run when others have completed successfully, or when a specific file is created.
More scheduling options
Plan when to run your jobs by setting a run cycle that specifies on which days to run the job stream. For example, tomorrow, next week, next year, weekends, or the second Friday in every month.
Graphical view
Use the graphical view to show your workflow in a graph. This view shows the selected job stream with all the jobs it contains and their associated dependencies.

If your workload requires more complex options, such as including dependencies between jobs, enhancing the process is the correct way to modify a process created with the Application Lab. Otherwise, if the process is not enhanced, any changes made in the Dynamic Workload Console are overwritten when that process is enabled in the Application Lab.

After a process has been enhanced and modified using the Dynamic Workload Console, it can no longer be modified in the Application Lab, however, you can continue to use the Application Lab to monitor the outcome of the process. The changes made in the Dynamic Workload Console take effect immediately.

To enhance your workload, right-click your process in the My processes panel and select Enhance. A wizard is displayed to guide you through the enhancing process.

For more information about the Dynamic Workload Console, see Dynamic Workload Console User’s Guide.