HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Generating an access URL for users

Administrators must generate a URL for each user to access Application Lab.

Before you begin

Application developers must be granted access to work with Application Lab. This includes granting authorization in the security file, but it also includes the creation of a personal working environment ID which identifies both the Application Lab environment within which the application developer can work, as well as any objects created by the application developer. Objects such as jobs and job streams, corresponding to the processes created by the application developer, are prefixed with the environment ID so that Administrators can easily identify them.

To assemble the URL that will be used by users to access Application Lab, ensure that you have defined the database connection, created and shared the engine connection, and made the required changes to the security file, including the definition of a working environment ID.

About this task

The environment ID you define can be used by more than one user of the Application Lab. Several users can use the same environment, creating and scheduling their processes. Each user can create their own personal Process Library to keep their processes separate from other users. To provide users access to the same Application Lab environment, perform the following steps:


  1. Customize the base URL that users type to access the Application Lab. The base URL that users type to access Application Lab is composed as follows:
    The host name of the computer hosting the Dynamic Workload Console.
    The port number of the computer hosting the Dynamic Workload Console.
    The name of the engine connection that was created and shared so that users of the Application Lab can use it when connecting to the Application Lab.
    The user name of the user that created the engine connection on the Dynamic Workload Console and shared it with other users.
    The personal working environment ID prefix defined and entered into the security file.
    For example, if you created an engine named ItalyHR, and the engine owner is name jsmith, and the Dynamic Workload Console is installed on a computer with host name italyhr.myserver.com, with an environment ID PQ, the URL to be sent to the application developer to access Application Lab is:
  2. Communicate the URL to all the users that will work in the same Application Lab environment. Remind them to define separate process libraries for their processes as a best practice. All of the processes created by these users will be prefixed by the environment ID you defined.


The application developer can now access Application Lab and start automating business processes.