HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


Describes the cancel Web service for HCL Workload Automation jobs.

Use this service to cancel a job.

If you cancel the job before it is started, it does not start. If you cancel it after it was started, it continues to run. If you cancel a job that is running and it completes in the ABEND state, no automatic job recovery steps are attempted.

You must have cancel access to the job in the security file to run this service.

Input parameters
Not used; set to null.
The job identifier in the plan: workstationName#jobStreamName.jobName.
Value is true or false. True cancels the job only after its dependencies are resolved. False cancels the job immediately (and any jobs and job streams that are dependent on the cancelled job are released immediately from the dependency).
The response cancelResponse is void if the service ran successfully; otherwise, it returns one of the errors described in Managing errors.