HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

getJobsList (z/OS®)

Describes the getJobsList Web service for IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS application occurrences.

Use this service to get a list of the operations - and their properties - that make up an application occurrence.
Input parameters
The name of the IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OS controller.
The occurrence identifier in the current plan. Note that the plan object identifiers returned contain the '\0' character. This is not a valid character and must be replaced by a blank.
The response getJobsListResponse returns an array getJobsListReturn containing the list of the operations included in the occurrence. For each operation the following details are also listed:
The identifier of the occurrence that includes the operation.
The extended status code assigned to the operation.
The error code that terminated the operation.
Can be one of the following: BD = Bind shadow; job EX = Execute operation; KJ = Kill operation; KR = Kill recovery job; MH = Hold operation; MR = Release operation; NP = NOP operation; PN = Prompt reply no; PY = Prompt reply yes; UN = Un-NOP operation.
The name of the authority group that the operation belongs to.
Can be one of the following: Blank=none C=Completed E=Ended in error I=Initiated O=Avail opinfo R=Request opinfo S=Started W=Waiting opinfo
The operation exceeded its latest starting time and is late. Can be true or false.
The latest possible time, calculated at plan-creation-time, that the operation can start to meet the deadline time (HHMM).
The actual run time of the operation (HHMM).
The time the operation is reported as complete or ended-in-error (HHMM).

If the service did not complete successfully, getJobsListResponse returns one of the errors described in Managing errors.