HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining Java jobs

Describes how to create Java jobs which extend the capability of HCL Workload Automation.

About this task

To define a job that runs a Java job by using the Dynamic Workload Console, perform the following procedure.


  1. In the console navigation tree, expand Workload > Design and click Create Workload Definitions
  2. Specify an engine name, either distributed or z/OS. The Workload Designer opens.
  3. In the Working List pane, select the Java job definition.
    New > Database and Integrations > Java
    New > Job Definition > Database and Integrations > Java
    The properties of the job are displayed in the right-hand panel for editing.
  4. In the properties panel, specify the attributes for the job definition you are creating. You can find detailed information about all the attributes in the contextual help available on each panel.
  5. Click Save to save the job definition in the database.

What to do next

When you define a job of this type, you supply the following:
  • A jar prepared by you, containing the classes and methods you want to implement when the job is run
  • A set of parameters which provide runtime information to the job

The following sections tell you how to prepare the .jar. They also describe how you can use the Get Class Information button, which is displayed on the interface, to obtain information about the classes in the selected jar.