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Apache Spark Plug-in

With the new HCL Workload Automation plug-in for Apache Spark, you can schedule, monitor and control Apache Spark jobs.

Apache Spark is a lightning-fast cluster computing technology, designed for fast computation. It is based on Hadoop Map Reduce and extends the MapReduce model to efficiently use it for more types of computations, which includes interactive queries and stream processing. The main feature of Apache Spark is its in-memory cluster computing that increases the processing speed of an application. HCL Workload Automation provides a plug-in for Apache Spark that helps you manage your big data processing and analytics. With the plug-in for Apache Spark, you can define, schedule, monitor, and control Apache Spark jobs. Add one or more Apache Spark jobs in the job stream that automates your business process flow to obtain an end-to-end workload management solution.

For details, see Apache Spark jobs .

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