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New Plug-ins for Cloud Automation

Amazon EC2, IBM SoftLayer, and Microsoft Azure plug-ins are available to manage the provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual machines in the cloud, on as-needed basis.

Customers choose to move their application to the cloud to focus on business optimization. Once in the cloud, applications rely on systems provisioned and de-provisioned to run defined business workflows but unpredictable workload volumes. Customers face a new question: Is it better to over-provision cloud resources with the risk of wasting them, or under-provision with the risk of degrading performance and delay the business process?

How about provisioning just the right amount of resources for only the time-period you need them? Exactly what you need, when you need it, and rather than incur extra costs and waste, de-provision when you’re done, all automatically.

To succeed in this challenge, a new approach is required, that strictly ties business workflow with cloud resource management. While managing a business application, IT organizations need to be able to orchestrate provisioning and de-provisioning of the infrastructure needed by the business application in the cloud.

HCL Workload Automation provides three Cloud Automation plug-ins, for different cloud providers, to manage the provisioning and de-provisioning of virtual machines in the cloud, on as-needed basis. By orchestrating the application workflow and the workflow that manages the entire lifecycle of the virtual machines needed by the application (including the actions: start, stop, snapshot, etc…), HCL Workload Automation can increase both business and infrastructure agility. The plug-ins are:
  • Plug-in for Amazon Web Services (EC2)
  • Plug-in for IBM SoftLayer
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Azure
Select your cloud provider, and add one or more jobs in the job stream that automates your business process flow to provide a flexible and dynamic allocation of cloud resources to your workload.

For more information about the Cloud Automation plug-ins, see Scheduling Applications with HCL Workload Automation.

See the video: Workload Scheduler for Cloud Automation on the Workload Automation YouTube channel. More videos are available for the features released with V9.4 Fix Pack 3 on this dedicated playlist: Workload Scheduler V9.4, Fix Pack 3.

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