HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

HCL Workload Automation Job Management Plug-in

The new Job Management plug-in is available to run actions on a job in a job stream.

The new Job Management plug-in is available in the Automation Utilities plug-in category. Automation Utilities are plug-ins that facilitate specific HCL Workload Automation operations. Use the Job Management plug-in, to run one of the following actions on any job in the job stream where the Job Management job is running:
Table 1.
Actions that you can run on a job
  • Rerun
  • Rerun the job and all its successor jobs
  • Rerun the job and its successor jobs in the same job stream
  • Release
  • Release Dependencies
  • Cancel
  • Cancel Pending
  • Hold
  • Kill
  • Confirm ABEND
  • Confirm SUCC

The Job Management plug-in simplifies recovery scenarios and enables the automation of iterative workflows.

For information about the Job Management plug-in, see Job Management jobs.

See the video Automation of Iterative Workflows on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.