HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Integration with IBM UrbanCode Deploy

A new integration with IBM UrbanCode Deploy is available to streamline your application deployment.

Workload applications can be created and then exported so that they can be imported in other HCL Workload Automation environments.

To export and import a workload application you can use either the Dynamic Workload Console or the wappman command line.

As an alternative to the import process, you can automate the deployment of an application from one environment to another by using the Workload Automation plug-in of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool. Through the definition of a reusable template, the integration with IBM UrbanCode Deploy streamlines the deployment of your application with all of its associated scheduling objects. For details about this plug-in, see the IBM UrbanCode Deploy documentation.

For a comprehensive library of videos about the new features for this release, see the Workload Scheduler version 9.4, Fix Pack 1 playlist available on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.