HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Higher level of control over the What-If Analysis

A new optman global option is available to administrators, to make the What-If Analysis feature optional in your environment.

Administrator's level of control over the What-If Analysis has increased with the introduction of a new optman global option. By setting the optman enWhatIf | wi global option to no, administrators can centrally disable the What-If Analysis feature, which is enabled by default in your environment to simulate and evaluate the impact of changes on the current plan. You have to run "JnextPlan" to make the change effective.

For information about the What-If Analysis, see Analyzing the impact of changes on your environment.

For information about the interaction of the enWhatIf | wi global option with the enWorkloadServiceAssurance | wa global option, which enables or disables privileged processing of mission-critical jobs and their predecessors, see Disable the What-if Analysis.