HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Condition-based workload automation

Have your workflows start at just the right time

Condition-based workload automation provides a simple and immediate way to have your workflows start at just the right time. You can define in your job stream a condition that, when met, releases the job stream to run as scheduled.

For example, if you have a job stream containing jobs which analyze one or more files, you can have the job stream start only after the file or files have been modified or created. Also, if the job stream contains jobs which process the data in a database, you might want to have the job stream start after enough rows have been written into the database. You can also have HCL Workload Automation check repeatedly whether the condition is met.

You can start your workflow based on one of the following conditions:
  • One or more files being created
  • One or more files being modified
  • A job completing with its output condition satisfied. You can apply this logic to the job stream or to specific jobs in the job stream.

For more information, see Condition-based workload automation .

You can also find a detailed explanation of the benefits provided by this enhancement in the Marketing-oriented video and in the How to video on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.