HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Actual workstation in pool and dynamic pool

The name of the workstation where a job, scheduled to run on a pool or dynamic pool, actually ran.

When jobs are scheduled to run on pools or dynamic pools, you might want to monitor the job or the workstation where the job ran. Previously, this information was available only in the job log. With this enhancement, the name of the actual workstation where the job ran is also available in a new column in the monitor job query. This detail is available if the job has started or has already run. This information can also be output in reports.

This information can also be useful when you need to determine your license consumption and therefore need to know on which workstation in the pool the job actually ran.

For details about the actual workstation see the columns that can be defined when monitoring jobs in the Dynamic Workload Console. The runtime information contained in the composer showjobs command also contains this information.