HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


About this task

By automating management of your production workload with the portfolio, you can minimize human errors in production workload processing and free your staff for more productive work. The portfolio helps you plan, drive, and control the processing of your production workload. These are important steps toward automation and unattended operations. Whether you are running one or more systems at a single site, or at several distributed sites, the portfolio helps you automate your production workload by:
  • Coordinating all shifts and production work across installations of all sizes, from a single point of control
  • Automating complex and repetitive operator tasks
  • Dynamically modifying your production workload schedule in response to changes in the production environment (such as urgent jobs, changed priorities, or hardware failures) and then managing the workload accordingly
  • Resolving workload dependencies
  • Managing utilization of shared resources
  • Tracking each unit of work
  • Detecting unsuccessful processing
  • Displaying status information and instructions to guide operations personnel in their work

The portfolio lets you centralize and integrate control of your production workload and reduces the number of tasks that your staff need to perform.