HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Creating job streams

The primary processing task of HCL Workload Automation is to run job streams. A job stream is an outline of batch processing consisting of a list of jobs. Job streams can be defined using either the command line interface or one of the graphical interfaces. Using either graphical interface you can easily create and modify job streams. You can use their job stream editors to work with the jobs and the follows dependencies between the jobs, as well as the job stream run cycles. You can also easily specify time restrictions, resource dependencies, file dependencies, and prompt dependencies at the job stream level.

Job streams can be defined as draft. A draft job stream is not considered when resolving dependencies and is not added to the production plan. It becomes actual only after the draft keyword is removed from its definition, and the JnextPlan command is run to add it to the preproduction plan and so to the production plan.