HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

What-if enhancements

Fix pack 1 delivers a number of enhancements in the What-if Analysis Gantt view.

What-if analysis available from non-critical jobs in a z/OS environment
In addition to launching the What-if analysis from any critical job in a z/OS environment, you can now also launch it from any non-critical job that is part of the critical network.
Assess impact on critical jobs quickly by narrowing the display of successors to only critical jobs
Show the impact only on critical jobs, excluding all other successor jobs. Viewing the impact in this way narrows the results to display only the most critical and also improves performance when there is a high number of successor jobs to display.
Optimizing performance with the capability of excluding predecessors from the view
An new option has been added to the Tdwcglobalsettings.xml file, whatIfAutoLoadPreds, that enables you to manage whether or not you want to automatically load predecessors in the view. You might want to exclude them from the view to optimize performance when you have hundreds of predecessors. The default setting is to load all predecessors in the What-if Analysis Gantt view.
Setting the Earliest Start Time to the Estimated Start Time calculated by the server
Even if all predecessors are not displayed in the view, you can still consider the impact of predecessors on a job's Earliest Start Time. The server calculates an Estimated Start Time for the job and through a new action named "Set Earliest Start Time to server estimation", you can set the job's Earliest Start Time, to the time calculated by the server as the Estimated Start Time.

For information about What-if analysis capabilities see Analyzing the impact of changes on your environment.