HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Using event-driven workload automation

About this task

Use this optional feature to set up and run rules that perform predefined actions in response to particular events occurring on your agents. Your organization can benefit from using this feature by adding on-demand workload automation to plan-based job scheduling, gaining savings in time and resources.

Event-driven workload automation is based on the concept of event rule. In HCL Workload Automation an event rule is a scheduling object and is made up of events, event-correlating conditions, and actions. When you define an event rule, you specify one or more events, a correlation rule, and one or more actions that are triggered by those events. Moreover, you can specify validity dates, a daily time interval of activity, and a common time zone for all the time restrictions that are set.

You can set up event rules to:
  • Trigger the execution of batch jobs and job streams based on the occurrence or combination of real time events
  • Reply to prompts
  • Notify users when anomalous conditions occur in the HCL Workload Automation scheduling environment or batch scheduling activity
  • Invoke an external product when a particular event condition occurs

HCL Workload Automation includes a set of predefined event and action plug-ins, but also provides a software development kit with samples and templates for your application programmers to develop their own plug-ins.