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More flexibility in managing successors for job actions

Hold, rerun and release successors in the plan during the monitoring of your workload.

You can now hold, release and rerun the successors during your job monitoring.

You have a list of all successors for the selected job, view the successors in two separate tables and decide if you want to run all internal successors, all internal and external successors, or a subset of them. By default, all successors are selected. By selecting the mode you can also control how successors are selected: manually, including successors in the same job stream or including successors in other job streams.

For more information about how to rerun successors from the command line, see the Listsucc and Rerunsucc commands .

For more information about how to specify the rerun options in the job definition from the Dynamic Workload Console, see Controlling job and job stream processing .

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