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Auto refresh Plan View

Continuous update of the Show Plan View graphical view at regular intervals.

To display a graphical view of your plan, you specify filter criteria such as, a scheduled time range, job stream name, and workstation name to narrow the results in the view. You can also choose to enable an automatic refresh mechanism of the view to ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date results at all times.

An auto fresh option has been added to the Show Plan View filter page. Enabling this option triggers an auto fresh of the view at regular intervals. By default, the view is refreshed every five minutes. From the view itself, you can control the auto refresh from the toolbar to pause, stop, and resume.

You can also configure the default refresh interval by editing the PlanViewAutorefresh section in the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml configuration file.

For information about specifying filter criteria for displaying a plan view, see Display a graphical plan view.

For information about editing the auto refresh default value in the PlanViewAutorefresh section of the TdwcGlobalSettings.xml file, see Plan View auto refresh interval.

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