HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Setting job recovery

About this task

When defining a job, consider that in some instances it might not complete successfully. The administrator can define a recovery option and recovery actions when defining the job. The following recovery options are available:
  • Do not continue with the next job. This stops the execution of the job stream and puts it in the stuck state. This is the default action.
  • Continue with the next job.
  • Run the job again.

Optionally, a recovery prompt can be associated to the job. A recovery prompt is a local prompt to display when the job completes unsuccessfully. Processing does not continue until the prompt is answered affirmatively.

Another option is to define a recovery job that can be run in the place of the original job if it completes unsuccessfully. The recovery job must have been defined previously. Processing stops if the recovery job does not complete successfully.