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Troubleshooting stalled jobs

Quickly identify what is holding back jobs that are ready to run but, for some unknown reason, do not run.

Sometimes your jobs are all ready to go, but for some anomalous reason, they do not start. A job can sometimes encounter specific circumstances where, although everything seems to be in check, there is still something that needs to be done before the job can start. You know that any dependencies it might have on predecessors have been resolved, you also know that the start time has come and gone, but something else is holding it back.

A new action is available when monitoring jobs that helps you identify the most commonly found circumstances under which a job ready to run, does not. In addition to problem determination, it also helps you in resolving the problem for these common situations. Sometimes it is as simple as tweaking the limit, other times a workstation needs to be linked or started. Whatever the reason might be, you can save time in determining the problem and identifying the solution with a new action available from the Dynamic Workload Console, “Why a job does not start”.

For details about how to troubleshoot stalled jobs, see Jobs in READY status do not start.

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