HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Typical everyday scenarios

About this task

This section describes roles and responsibilities of Fine Cola's IT staff and everyday scenarios they might face on any typical day. Fine Cola's IT staff, involved in workload scheduling are:
  • The scheduling analyst. He is in charge of modeling the company workload, and for designing, fixing, and maintaining schedules. His main responsibilities are:
    • Managing Fine Cola's workload complexity and dependencies.
    • Optimizing the schedule's efficiency, flexibility, and resilience.
    • Analyzing and fixing modeling issues; look pro-actively for the schedule's integrity.
  • The operations analyst. His main responsibilities are:
    • Monitoring critical events and performing first analysis of problems.
    • Managing and coordinating the resolution of issues.
    • Ensuring that operations continue.
  • The IT infrastructure administrator. His main responsibilities are:
    • Fulfilling the need to assign physical or virtual resources to jobs according to the job importance, requirements, scheduling policies, and based on the environment resources characteristics, relationships, availability, load, and performance.
    • Managing the advanced reservation or provisioning of required resources.
    • Drive the resource allocation to meet the job SLA and the resource optimization data without service disruption, and possibly transparently for the users.
    • Backing up the schedule daily with no impact on operations.
    • Ensuring high availability of the infrastructure. If a resource goes down or a workstation is not available, the SLA-defined availability must continue to be met.
    • Defining and maintaining the environment topology.