HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Upgrading from version 8.6.x

Support for upgrades from previous versions.

HCL Workload Automation V9.4 General Availability supported upgrades from V9.x. With this fix pack, support is being extended to V8.6.x instances.

For HCL Workload Automation V8.6.x instances, the upgrade is supported only for the master domain manager using the parallel upgrade method. The direct upgrade is not supported for HCL Workload Automation V8.6.x instances. The only supported scenario for the upgrade of a V8.6.x master domain manager is to install a new master domain manager configured as a backup.

You can upgrade a V8.6.x single instance of the Dynamic Workload Console either on the same workstation where the back-level is installed, but in a different directory, or on a new workstation.

When a V8.6.x instance of the Dynamic Workload Console is installed with one or more components in the same directory, then you must upgrade the Dynamic Workload Console in a new directory and then uninstall the old version. The additional components either remain at the V8.6 level or they can be upgraded to V9.4

For more information see the Planning and Installation Guide..


If you are upgrading from V9.1, V9.2, or V9.3 to V9.4.x, you can upgrade directly to the latest fix pack level, with just one single step (without the need to upgrade to V9.4.0 first). For more information, see the fix pack readme file.