HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Creating a new catalog

Creating new catalogs, which are containers of services.

About this task

To create a new catalog and include some services in it, perform the following steps:


  1. Tap the Self-Service Catalog section Self-Service Catalog section to launch the application.
  2. Tap the Catalogs section to display a list of available catalogs. A catalog is a container of services.
  3. Tap Toolbar to display the editing toolbar, if it is not already shown on the screen. The editing toolbar displays at the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap Create to display the following page:
    New catalog page
  5. Specify the new catalog information, optionally associating a description and an icon to better identify it. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Tap Icon to view a list of all the available icons that can characterize the catalog. If you want the catalog owner to be notified by email about the outcome of a submitted request, enter an email address in the Owner mail address field.
  6. Save the newly-created catalog.
  7. In the Catalogs page, tap Roles and a catalog section to open the list of Dashboard Application Services Hub roles that can be associated to this catalog. Select only the roles that you want to authorize to see and use this catalog.


The catalog you have is now displayed in the Catalogs list, but is an empty container. You can now include some services in it. For more information about how to do this, see Adding services to a catalog. If you want to modify some settings of the new catalog, see: Editing catalogs.