HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Monitoring workstation status

You can use the results displayed in the dashboard to drill down to more detailed information and perform some recovery actions.

Before you begin

From the dashboard view displaying the results of the query defined for the dashboard, you can drill down to display more detailed information. In general, the dashboard results display the number of available and unavailable workstations for the engines defined for the dashboard. For these workstations, you can view details about each individual workstation such as: the workstation name, internal status, the type of agent workstation, and the link status, to name a few.

About this task

To view the workstation details for an unavailable workstation:


  1. From the dashboard containing the results of the monitoring service, scroll down to view the breakdown of workstations by status and tap the workstations in the Unavailable state.
    dashboard pie chart view of unavailable workstations
  2. A list of workstations in the unavailable state are displayed. You can search for a specific workstation name by entering a keyword in the Search field, or scroll to locate a workstation.
  3. Tap the workstation for which you want to display further details.


Details about the workstation are displayed and a set of actions you can perform on the workstation are available at the end of the list.

What to do next

You can select to perform an action on the workstation, as well as send the details about the workstation to a recipient by email. See Performing recovery actions on workstations.