HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Performing recovery actions on jobs

Monitor the status of your jobs using the Self-Service Dashboards app and perform recovery actions from your mobile device.

About this task

You can access jobs in an HCL Workload Automation environment and monitor their status and perform recovery actions on them. You can choose to perform any of the following actions. The actions available depend on the current status of the job, if the job is a critical job, and whether the job runs on a workstation in a distributed or z/OS environment:

To kill a job, the job must either in Started or Running state.
Confirm SUCC
Confirms that the job ended successfully and changes the status accordingly.
Confirm ABEND
Confirms that the job failed.
Hot List (critical job)
Displays a list of predecessors of the job that are in late, fence, suppresssed, long running, or error state. This list can contain jobs that are outside the critical path of the job but that, if they do not complete successfully on time, can prevent the critical job from completing successfully.
Critial Path (critical job)
Displays a list of predecessors included in the critical path of the job.
All not completed predecessors (critical job)
Displays a list of the predecessors that are not in the Complete state.
Rerun the job.
Cancels the job.
Cancel Pending
Cancels a job that has not yet been launched after all the dependencies are resolved. Any jobs or job streams that are dependent on the cancelled job are released from the dependency. For jobs already launched, the job is cancelled when it completes and is moved to the final status.
Job Log
Download and browse the job log.
Puts a job in hold status so it cannot run until it is released.
Release a job that is in Hold status so that it can run according to its regular schedule.
Deletes a job so it does not run.
Runs the job immediately, if it is ready to run, ignoring scheduling rules except dependencies.
Set Status
Change the status of the job. Depending on the current state of the job, you can change the status one of the following: Started, Ready, Interrupted, Error, Complete.
Optionally, you can email details about the job by clicking the Share icon the share icon to send email. The email contains also a link to the job log if available.

To perform a recovery action on a job:


  1. From the list of dashboards, tap a dashboard name to produce a dashboard of results in a pie chart graphical view.
  2. Select the category of jobs in a specific state below the dashboard.
  3. Tap a specific job or search for and then tap a job.
  4. Details are displayed for the selected job. Select one of the actions by clicking the Action icon action icon.


A message displays either prompting you for more information or communicating the result of the action selected.