HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Appservman - how it works

Appservman is a service that starts, stops and monitors the application server. It also optionally restarts the application server in the event that the latter fails. Appservman can be controlled not just from nodes running the application server, but also from any other node running conman.

It is launched as a service by netman when starting HCL Workload Automation, and it itself then launches the application server. Netman also launches it when the conman startappserver command is run.

Appservman is stopped when HCL Workload Automation is shut down. In addition, Netman stops both the application server and appservman when you use the conman stopappserver command, or, on Windows only, when you issue the Shutdown –appsrv command.

While it is running appservman monitors the availability of the application server, sending events that report the status of the application server. If the automatic restart facility is enabled, and the application server fails, the service determines from the restart policy indicated in the localopts options if it is to restart the application server. If the policy permits, it will restart the application server, and send events to report its actions.

The WebSphere Application Server utilities startWas and stopWas by default start and stop the application server and appservman using the startappserver and stopappserver commands. However, these utilities can be instructed to start and stop the application server without stopping appservman by using the startWas and stopWas utilities with the –direct option.