HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Running audit reports from the command line

To run audit report on the database, you must first enable the audit feature and configure the audit options described in Global options - detailed description.

The \reports\templates directory contains a sample template file for each type of report.

Before running any of these reports make sure you customize the corresponding template file, either ad.properties or ag.properties.

In that file, named report_name.properties, you can specify:
  • The information to display in the report header.
  • How to filter the information to display the expected result.
  • The format and content of the report output.
For more information about the specific settings see the explanation provided in the template file beside each field.
After you set up the environment as it is described in Setting up for command line audit reporting, and you configured report template file, use the following syntax to run the report:

reportcli -p report_name.property
     [-o output_report_dir]
     [-r report_output_name]
     [-k key=value ]
     [-k key=value ]

-p report_name.property
Specifies the path name to the report template file.
-o routput_report_dir
Specifies the output directory for the report output.
-r report_output_name
Specifies the name of the report output.
-k key=value
Specifies the value of a settings. This value override the corresponding value, if defined, in the common.properties file or in the report_name.properties file.