HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Backing up the configuration files

The configuration files used by HCL Workload Automation are found in the following places:
For the user options file, useropts.
For the localopts, Sfinal, Security and *.msg files
This directory contains the following files:
This is used for the allocation of unique prompt numbers. On the master domain manager, this file should not be edited manually. On other workstations it can be edited only in the circumstances described in the HCL Workload Automation: Troubleshooting Guide. This file does not need to be backed up.
This is used to store a copy of three of the global properties stored in the database. If you have used versions of HCL Workload Automation prior to version 8.3 you will probably remember that it was an editable file that contained the global options. It is no longer used for this purpose. It must be edited only in the circumstances described in Changing a master domain manager. This file should be backed up if it is edited.
For the application server configuration file, TWSConfig.properties
This contains the other configuration files for the WebSphere Application Server. Do not back them up manually. A utility to back them up is described in Application server - configuration files backup and restore.
For forecast plan files.
For archived plan files.
For trial plan files.
A detailed list of all files is not supplied, as there are too many files. Back up all the files in these directories.
Note: The tws_inst_pull_info tool (described in the HCL Workload Automation: Troubleshooting Guide) is provided for sending information to support, but can also be used to perform a backup of a DB2® database and some of the configuration files.